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Monthly Events

Monday - February 26, 2024
Rehearsal - 7:00p.m.

Tuesday - February 27, 2024
6:00p.m. Dinner (Cast Only)
Business Meeting - 7:00p.m.

Wednesday - February 28, 2024
Solomon’s Lodge of
Perfection Presents:
12˚ Master of Mercy
Dinner - 6:00p.m.
$15.00 per person
7:00p.m. - Master of Mercy
Reservations Requested

Upcoming Degrees
Lodge Of Perfection 
12˚ Master of Mercy

Monthly Notice

How does a Master Mason continue his journey in Scottish Rite?

Freemasons are known as travelling men. Masons are charged with travelling from the west to the source of light in the east. Light in Masonry is knowledge, and from that knowledge comes awareness, understanding, and wisdom.

The 29 Scottish Rite degrees reflect our Core Values and provide a rich path to “more light” in Masonry. Through the degrees, educational resources, and shared experiences with Brethren from across the jurisdiction, there is no end to the symbolic journey a Master Mason can take within the Scottish Rite.

Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

4 Scottish Rite Bodies

Each Valley has up to four Scottish Rite bodies; each body confers a specific set of degrees. These degrees teach the moral codes of a Mason. The Valley of Providence Scottish Rite bodies include:

Latest News

Feast of the Paschal Lamb | April 7, 2024

Feast of the Paschal Lamb | April 7, 2024

Thursday Night At The Rite

Thursday Night At The Rite

Valley of Providence 2024 Abbott and Ruérat Scholarships-Application Process

The Valley of Providence announces that the application process for The Leon M. Abbott Scholarship and The ...

We focus on what's truly important.  Our members and their Fraternity!

Provide Inspiration for our members through meaningful programs and degrees.  Provide Convenient opportunities for our members to enhance their lives, Provide Enjoyable programs and fellowship activities for our members Inspiration, Convenience, and Enjoyment